These pieces belong to previous collections. They are not available but you can contact us for any further information you need.

Previous Collections

N 220

Carnelian necklace/Silver goldplated...

€ 110,00

Product details

N 223

Necklace Jade/ Yellow Gold 18K/750º

€ 220,00

Product details

E 505

Earrings Silver 925º/Rutilated quartz

R 316

Ring Silver 925º/Rose quartz

P 409

Pendant Silver 925º goldplated

E 507

Earrings Yellow Gold 18k / Smoky Quartz

B 003

Broche Silver 925ª goldplated

E 509

Earrings Silver 925º

N 217

Neckpiece Silver 925º goldplated

N 216

Neckpiece Silver 925º / mother of pearl

R 317

Ring Silver 925º/ yellow Gold 18k

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